Remarks on the DAC used in the Sony Playstation SCPH100x

by Mick Feuerbacher, February 2007


The DAC used in most SCPH100x is an Ashahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) AK4309AVM. It is a 16 bit Stereo Delta-Sigma DAC. Some very early models use the AK4309 VM. The later PS1 models of the series SCPH 55xx also feature the AK4309AVM. The SCPH700x are equipped with the AK4309BM and later models, the SCPH75xx and higher, are equipped with DACs from other manufacturers.

The datasheet of the AK4309 AVM seems not to be available anymore. Below, you find some useful information on this chip, which I have gathered from all kinds of sources.

The pinout of the chip is given in the following table.

  Pin Connection
  1 TST1




  4 PD
  5 RST
  6 MCLK
  7 CKS
  8 BICK
  10 LRCK
  11 n.c.
  12 n.c.
  13 n.c.
  14 n.c.
  15 AOUTR
  16 AOUTL
  17 VCOM
  18 AVDD
  19 AVSS
  20 n.c.
  21 n.c.
  22 VREFL
  23 VREFR
  24 TST2


A datasheet is available for the AK4309B. You can download it here. The AK4309B is not exacltly compatible to the AK4309AVM, in particular it has only 20 pins. In the datasheet you find a connection diagram, which you can use taking into account the pinout given above. There is also a table given, listing the compatibility of the different versions.